Count Your Blessings

*SIGHHHHH* What. A. Long. Week. As of Friday night, I had worked 38 hours with two more bar shifts to go. This week I had third graders smear poop all of the bathroom, attempted to be a 1:1 aid and a band teacher. On the plus side, I got to see one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Looking For a Friend

I had forgotten to take care of me. I forgot to put me first, even for only an hour a week. I saw the girls faces in the photo, calm, at peace, happy, knowing that no matter what they are loved, not only by their parents, but by the congregation as well. 

The Going Girl Needs a Break

So here's to The Going Girls who sometimes just need to put the breaks on. Here's to The Going Girls who are learning to listen to their bodies and their minds and plop their fannies on the big red ugly couch.

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