Life Lessons

If you’ve been following along in my crazy life, I’ve made mention of some volunteering I have been doing. Well it’s come to an end and now I’m ready to share it all with you!

I was coaching a girls 6th, 7th and 8th grade basketball team, just a small community thing. It’s the starting fundamentals for our schools modified, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams; learning the basics and become familiar with the terminology, etc.

I played it from 3rd grade until 8th grade and my dad was my coach practically all the way up. Then my parents took over running the league up until about 4 years ago they handed it off to the next family. So this year I thought it was time for someone in my family to get involved again.

I coached my “little” sisters “Hallie’s” team. We were teal. (Even though I REALLY wanted purple.) Anyways, I’ve never coached a team by myself before and you talk to dancers much differently than you do basketball players.

When I played basketball one of the biggest messages I learned from coaches had NOTHING to do with basketball but me as a person. So I made it my personal missions to not only make these girls better players, but to make them better individuals.

I focused on messages about playing OUR game; don’t get sloppy, don’t play bumblebee, don’t foul, help the girl up you just knocked down, don’t argue with the refs, don’t sass me.

I was very fortunate to have such a dynamic, playful, different, unique group of girls, and we had ZERO drama. Lemme tell you, I was amazed.

But little did these girls know that they were helping me. They were teaching me to not be so serious sometimes. They were telling me to enjoy the little victories in life (by making 1 shot out of 100. LOL!) I was carefree and not exactly stress free, but relatively close. To some of these girls, I could have just changed their whole lives by being their coach…. I cared about them, they weren’t just some girl on the bench. That was my girl, every single one of them. I never let any of them think they were better than anyone else though.

I was always exhausted between work, musical, basketball, working out… but these girls made the exhaustion not seem so bad. They needed me to be their backbone. They needed me to be hard on them. They needed me to yell. They needed me to help them grow.

Now some of those girls may never play basketball for the school ever, they may never even want to be on my team again… but I can promise you, they meant more to me than they know.

God has a crazy weird way of giving you exactly what you need. I needed those girls this past 8 weeks. I needed the lessons that they provided me with.

So learn the lessons of the moment and don’t take them for granted… you never know who could be watching and looking up to you in the background.


The Going Girl

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