Four Fun Facts

As per my poll on Instagram, (yes that means go follow me on Instagram. Link is on blog, click the little camera) You voted, and I listened.

  1. I have a super secret obsession with plants and landscaping. I started at 16 working at a local greenhouse with my “aunt.” I worked there for four summers. I killed anything in sight beforehand, now I enjoy the thrill of saving plants. In the four years at the greenhouse, I learned sooooooo much. Not only about plants though, more about myself. The people there were some of the most influential people of my life. They were all older than me, minus two or three. They played such a huge part in my life I actually got a tattoo on my thigh of a floral arrangement to remind me of my happy place with some of the best people.
  2. I went to college and obtained my degree in Criminal Justice with intent to get hired with a police department and slowly move up to an investigator for sex crimes and crimes against children.
  3. Taco’s are my favorite food. I would eat them all day long if I could. (They are also J’s favorite too.)
  4. The number 4 is my favorite number. It was my jersey number in soccer, and basketball #14 was my number.

So here they are; four, fun, not-so-obvious facts about The Going Girl.

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