Fairy tales

From the time little girls can watch and legitimately understand movies. We all fall in love. It may be Prince Charming, the Beast, the Ogre or in my sister’s case- the super cute cowboy.

My boyfriend tells me all the time that I’m “independent and don’t need no man” and he is so very right.

I spent many nights heartbroken over some guy who just couldn’t love me like I wanted to be loved; they found someone else, etc.

I tried for so many years to do things and become what a man wanted. I tried to conform myself to what society deemed as the perfect girlfriend. I cleaned, I cooked, I practically bowed down at their feet… want to know what I got… nothing. I wasn’t treated any differently, I wasn’t always the girl they chose everytime.

I lost myself, bad.

I’ve spent the last 3-5 years completely rebuilding myself to be strong and independent.

Luckily I have a guy who encourages me to be independent. He encourages me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. It has it’s pro’s and con’s.

My momma raised me to love so passionately and fiercely. She also raised me to take care of myself. It was society and the fairytales who made me think differently. I thought that I had to lose my shoes, and be all sweet and innocent to get a good man.

It’s been a long and curvy road, and sometimes I do fall into the pattern of needing reassurance from anyone that I am worthy or that I matter. But I’m getting better at picking myself up by the bootstraps and continuing on. Because the people I need to be there, will be there. Whether beside me, behind me, or a few feet away, they will keep up and they will be there. So love those who love you. Love those who are going to help you.

So here’s to the ladies who don’t need no man; the ones who can build a shed,  start a fire and take out the trash. Here’s to the ladies who don’t need to be reminded everyday that they are fantastic and flawless. Here’s to the ladies who don’t get the help or want the help. We are women and we are amazing.

From: “An independent women, who don’t need no man.”

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