Count Your Blessings


What. A. Long. Week.

As of Friday night, I had worked 38 hours with two more bar shifts to go.

This week I had third graders smear poop all of the bathroom, attempted to be a 1:1 aid and a band teacher. On the plus side, I got to see one of my favorite troubled little boy and get the worlds biggest hug.

I was looking forward to my planned pumpkin carving with J, his sister and his brother-in-law that was for sure.

But before I could even get the pumpkins, my best friend sent me pictures of her kitchen with towels EVERYWHERE. As a first time mother, she has her very first sick baby. It’s been rough for the both of them. So I went and held my niece until backup arrived.

Now the good part.


Jenna was the first one to dive on in! 

So the four of us sit down to carve our pumpkins. (The boys are less than thrilled to have to partake, mostly in my obnoxious photo taking) The girls decided to clean out the pumpkins then design them. The boys chose to do the opposite.

J was starting to get serious at this point

I forgot how much I hated the smell and feel of pumpkins guts. Blech.

I always remember the activity being way more fun and way less messier as a kid. (But hey, what’re good dads for?!)

The drunkards

Again, the girls went for a more cute pumpkin design such as a mountain scenery and an emoji kissy face. The boys, however, went for a drunk pumpkin and a brains caved in pumpkin… (we know who the gruesome ones are)

Oh boys…..

The boys were done wayyyy sooner than the girls. We had planned to do pumpkins for the pups too, but after about an hour we decided against it.

The girls classy pumpkins

We put the pumpkins outside and cleaned up the terrible mess, then started our favorite part; the seeds!

While us girls started the daunting task of sorting out the seeds, the boys began a movie in the living-room… big helpers they were.

We sorted and sorted and sorted some more, until finally, we have a decent size tray filled. We coated it in olive oil, bucks seasoning, salt and pepper. and began baking the seeds. (This was PRETTY much the whole point of the night)

Pumpkin Seed Goodness

All we were missing was Hallie. She was at a school dance and being quite honest I would choose a school dance over carving pumpkins too.

Family nights are my favorite. Growing up with two younger sisters, I was always doing something to keep my away from them, or doing things with them. Family is friends that you don’t have to impress constantly or struggle to gain. You get them from the get-go. I’m so super grateful and lucky for fun family nights with some of my favorite people. It’s not always easy getting everyone together but it is possible. So take some time and hug your family, hug your friends that you consider family and count your blessings because sometimes we forget how lucky we truly are.

The finished product


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