The Going Girl Needs a Break

This blog was meant for me to share my crazy life, how to cope, and all the fun stressful things I do. Ironically, this first post is about my fun Friday night in. But let me start from when my alarm went off…

I set my alarm for bright and early 5:30 a.m. to start getting ready for my day. I was subbing at the local elementary school- where I was bit in the butt, hit with a pool noodle and hugged a million times. As I left the school, I received some rather stressful news that I had messed up a really important job application. J, the boyfriend, showed up home shortly after.

We try to do a monthly date weekend and this was the weekend that we were going to plan something. However, I had a civil service test tomorrow and had to put my pounding head first. We decided instead to go visit our recovering roommate- dirt bike accident. After about an hour and a half my pounding headache won. My body hurt everywhere from working all three jobs this week and trying to do some hardcore Fall cleaning. I decided to go home with our sweet girl, and told J to call me when he needed a ride home.

At 21 years old you’d think that I would be rip, roaring, and ready to go on a Friday night; but I’m not, not in the slightest. My favorite nights are the ones where I get to curl up on my terrible red couch, with my brown fuzzy blanket, writing or reading, with a glass of wine or hot chocolate.

I am the type of person who loves to do things and be apart of activities and adventures but when I get the chance to have a nice evening in, I like to take advantage of it.

In today’s society that we live in, it’s almost frowned upon to spend the night in, when the “adult world” is excited to have the next two days off, accompanied by a raging hangover that results in them swearing off drinking…. until next Friday of course.

So here’s to The Going Girls who sometimes just need to put the breaks on. Here’s to The Going Girls who are learning to listen to their bodies and their minds and plop their fannies on the big red ugly couch.


The big ugly red couch, hot chocolate, mountain lodge, brown fuzzy blanket, and some writing on this fun Friday night



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